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WIRE: Marion County, Oregon to vote on two cannabis ballot measures in November

Salem, OR – Two measures of support for medical and recreational cannabis sales in unincorporated Marion County will appear on the ballot in the upcoming General Election, according to Oregon Cannabis Business Council president Donald Morse.

“The passage of these two measures is not only critical to Oregon’s cannabis industry,” Morse said. “If voted into law they will generate $111 million in revenue for Marion County, a mostly agricultural-based area of Oregon that currently does not benefit from tax revenue from the state’s booming cannabis industry.”

Passage of Measures 24-404 and 24-405 will protect the legal operation of medical cannabis businesses and enable legal recreational cannabis businesses, respectively — including producers, processors, wholesalers and retailers — in Marion County, including Salem and unincorporated areas.

“As owner of Herbal Remedies, a medical dispensary located in unincorporated Marion County, I have a projected revenue of more than $6 million and would pay $1.5 million in state taxes for 2017 alone,” Herbal’s Jered Decamp said. “If the county votes ‘no,’ we would be forced to lay off our 20 employees and lose the huge investment our family members have made in our business. And we’re just one of many cannabis businesses that would perish.”

As of July 31, 2016, the Oregon Department of Revenue processed $25.5 million in marijuana tax payments. The revenue is distributed as follows: 40% to schools, 20% to cities and counties (allowing recreational marijuana), 20% to mental health, drug and alcohol treatment services, 15% to the Oregon State Police, and 5% to the Oregon Health Authority. Marion County’s cannabis business ban excludes it from sharing benefits from this growing revenue.

The campaign in favor of the two measures has been organized and paid for by the Vote Yes on 24-404 & 24-405 Political Action Committee.


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