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The Friday Five: Weekend weed music selections from Collie Tunes, Sept. 30, 2016

Welcome to The Friday Five – a weekly weed and music column from Collie Tunes, a Portland company focused on tunes for the cannabis industry.

This column runs every Friday – so keep it right here for more selections, and enjoy!

Selections and comments below by Sean Hocking, owner of Collie Tunes:

Platinum Weed – Smoke Weed Everyday

This song, to be quite honest can get on your nerves very quickly. Its only saving grace is that it advises you to do exactly what’s needed so you can ignore it

Chris Stapleton – Might As Well Get Stoned

Oh lordy my stoner cousin is coming up from Texas – what on earth will he want to listen to… here’s the solution

Joe Cocker – Let’s Go Get Stoned (LIVE in Woodstock)

Some of that old time Woodstock vibe from old croaky

The Meltone Boys – Mary Jane

Here at Collie Tunes we are suckers for these old timey marijuana songs, “she’s the type that’s hard to find”, well not any more

Young Thug – Stoner

We would never have guessed!

Full Playlist:

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