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Critic’s Choice: CDR’s top five Washington and Oregon picks for September

Welcome to Critic’s Choice – a regular feature at CDR listing our top product suggestions each month!

Looking for something new to pick up from your local dispensary? This feature will sift through our reviews so you don’t have to – listing only the best of the best.

Here’s what we loved in September:


  1. Booming onto the scene in Southwest Washington this month, we got our first tastes of Sunshine Farms cannabis. The Vancouver growers moved to the area from Colorado recently and have a host of tasty strains available in Washington shops. We reviewed their Lemon OG, Elephant, Northern Lights and Fat Purple strains – and we can’t wait to try more.
  2. Full Spectrum Oil, Full Extract Cannabis Oil, Rick Simpson Oil – these dense oils that often come in a syringe are growing like gangbusters in Washington’s recreational market. We tried Peacemaker Full Spectrum Cannabis Oil from Cedar Creek Cannabis and loved the relaxing body and mind balance. It was especially powerful on anxiety and PTSD – even knocking back a panic attack. These sorts of oils are used by medical patients for cancer, MS and a host of other ailments. But they’re also drawing in folks from the recreational market because they’re so versatile and pack a powerful punch. You can dab them, you can vape them, you can use them in cooking and you can even make little freezer pills with them (see the Other Notes area in our review for details on that).
  3. In Oregon, we saw the launch of Marley Natural’s first vape and flower product lines. We tried the Marley Natural Gold vape and loved the smooth flavor, euphoric head buzz and creative vibe. It’s also great for getting things done around the house!
  4. Prerolls may not seem all that sexy, but TJ’s Organic Provisions in Oregon adds something special that we just love – they have wooden tips! We reviewed their Purple Kush preroll and thought the tip made the cannabis taste cleaner. It also just plain looks classy.
  5. There are a lot of edible mints on the Washington market, and this month we got to check out Swifts’ Indica Green Tea and Peppermint Mints. These tasty little guys come in 5 mg servings – which lets you dial your dosage up or down as you see fit. Dissolving the mints sublingually (in the mouth) helped them kick in much faster than other edibles – for us it took about an hour, as opposed to two and a half hours. They’re great for insomnia, body aches, stress and anxiety. A great true indica feel! We’ll be getting these little guys again!


We’ll be back next month with more selections!

Got something you think we should try? Interested in reviewing products in your area for CDR? Please email editor Sue Vorenberg at and let us know! 

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