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WIRE: Bloom Farms to provide cannabis oil for new PAX Era vape pens in California

SAN FRANCISCO — Bloom Farms, a one for one medical cannabis company, today announced it will be providing its high quality cannabis oil for the PAX Era Pods in California.

Bloom Farms Executive Director Michael Ray said, “All of us at Bloom Farms are excited to be working with a company as innovative and forward thinking as PAX. With the PAX Era Pods by Bloom Farms, we are determined to bring the best possible vaping experience to medical cannabis patients here in California.”

The superior flavor, consistency, and experience you’ve come to expect from Bloom Farms’ industry leading vape pen, the Highlighter™, is now also available alongside the cutting-edge technology of the PAX Era.

An engineering marvel from the industry leaders in hardware innovation, the PAX Era includes temperature and battery status LED interface, a sleek design, and the PAX Vapor app; and, coupled with PAX Era Pods containing a special blend of Bloom Farms™ cannabis oil, creates a revolutionary vaping experience. Made from the highest quality materials, these vaporizers are super durable and come in a child proof container.

The PAX Era Pods by Bloom Farms are available in the following exclusive, all-natural cannabis oil blends:

Sativa+ Daytime
Uplifting and stimulating, sativa provides an energetic and enhanced state of well-being.

Indica+ Nighttime
Perfect for nighttime, indica+ provides relaxation and is a powerful tool for promoting a full night’s deep sleep.

Hybrid+ Anytime
A relaxing and uplifting blend perfect for medicating while maintaining an active energy level.

The PAX Era MSRP is $59.99. The PAX Era Pods by Bloom Farms MSRP is $40. Patients can purchase these products beginningSeptember 29 at select dispensaries in California. As with all of its products, Bloom Farms will donate one healthy meal to one of its California-based food bank partners for every PAX Era Pod sold.

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About Bloom Farms
Bloom Farms is a medical cannabis company from San Francisco, CA that provides thousands of medical cannabis patients a safe and enjoyable way to relax, find relief, inspire creativity, and enjoy life a little more. For this higher purpose, Bloom Farms is dedicated to producing high-quality, great tasting cannabis oil. Made from all-natural supercritical CO2-extracted concentrate, their cannabis is sourced from responsible family farmers who care about the land, the environment, and most importantly, the patients. Bloom Farms has a commitment to corporate social responsibility and provides a meal to regional partner food banks for each product it sells; provides its employees paid time off to volunteer; and sponsors events throughout California to help professionalize the cannabis industry including hosting Cannabis Career & Job Fairs in San Francisco and Los Angeles.


SOURCE Bloom Farms

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