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Guest Review: Power Kush by Knights Hemplar (Washington)

By Demetrois,
Budtender at Bud Nation Seattle


Strain: Power Kush (Indica cross of Afghani and Skunk #1)
Grower: Knights Hemplar

Notes: Power Kush by Knights Hemplar is a smooth, crisp strain that leads to a relaxes, clear-headed high. The bud has aromas of lemongrass, green tea, and basil. When smoked, the taste is smooth and mild. It’s relatively clear headed and a pretty good muscle relaxer, perfect for nighttime smoking or a cure for insomnia. It’s heady up front, but warm and relaxing on the body.

It smells strong and wonderful and provides a good foundation for meditation or yoga, but might not be the best strain for physical activity due to the couchlock. However, it lends itself well to focused activities such as writing, painting, work or playing video games.

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