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Guest Review: Narnia by Soulshine (Washington)

By Demetrois,
Budtender at Bud Nation Seattle


Strain: Narnia (Sativa cross of Trainwreck and Jack Herer)
Grower: Soulshine

Notes: An initially heavy and impactful head high gives way to a strong wave of bliss and relaxation. Not for the light or casual smoker, you’ll want to give this strain plenty of freedom and room for experimentation, so be sure to dedicate a few hours to let it wash over you before engaging in social or group activities.

That being said, sharing this strain with friends is a memorable experience. Expect comfortable, engaged conversations before submitting to lighthearted feelings and warm, breezy shit-shooting.

Taking a journey to Narnia on your own time can be the introvert’s best friend. It’s a perfect complement to an afternoon spent playing video games or listening to music, but be sure you have a creative outlet at hand – it can be a euphoric, enlightening strain when smoked. Get ready for some serious body high on the backend, though. You’ll zone out and fall into a beautiful, stress-abolishing couchlock that stays with you for hours. Enjoy it with some chamomile tea an hour or so before bedtime to help ease insomnia and anxiety while riding elegant waves of serenity until the sandman comes.

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