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Strain Sheet: Freemont Freaks edible from Craft Elixirs (Washington)

Freemont Freaks edible from Craft Elixirs (Washington)


Reviewer: SueVo
Strain: Freemont Freaks edible (10 mg THC dehydrated lemons, oranges, limes)
Grower: Craft Elixirs (Seattle, WA)(Sold at High-5 Cannabis and Mary Jane’s House of Grass)
Onset time: Some minor effects started about 30-40 minutes in, more pronounced after about an hour and a half.
Fade: About four hours.
Strength: Medium (10 mg dose is a bit light on me, but it’s still a nice comfy body buzz)
Tingling (where did you feel it): Biceps, cheeks, forehead, feet, upper back, shins, shoulders.
Control (can you maintain focus, etc): Good. Focus and control seem fine.
Emotions: Calm, peaceful.
Paranoia: No
Energy level: Low to medium. Relaxed, but enough energy for a mellow stroll.
Taste: Dried oranges, lemons and limes with sugar. Rinds are a little bitter, as you might expect, but not overwhelmingly so. Seeds are dried in there, too, but like the rinds, they’re just chewy.
Relieves: Anxiety, stress, body aches, sinus headache.
Positives: Good for killing the sick shivery body aches. Relaxing stuff, both mentally and physically. The amount of food in the bag is just about perfect for an edible. Good snack size, doesn’t fill you up but doesn’t leave you wanting to tear open another bag, either.
Negatives: Some of the rinds are a bit tough and hard to chew.
Other notes: No tear tab on the bag – needed scissors to get it open. At High-5‘s vendor day the salesperson told me these should kick in within 15-30 minutes because of the way the company makes its infusions. It was a bit faster than other edibles for me, but still took about an hour and a half for full effect (usually an edible takes about two and a half hours to hit full effect on me). Took this when I was sick because I didn’t want to smoke and it seems like it has some good vitamin C.

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