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Strain Sheet: Wallingford Wanderlust from Craft Elixirs (Washington)

Wallingford Wanderlust from Craft Elixirs


Reviewer: Sue Vorenberg
Strain: Wallingford Wanderlust (60 mg THC strawberry peppercorn flavored simple syrup)
Grower: Craft Elixirs (Seattle, WA)(Sold at High-5 Cannabis and Mary Jane’s House of Grass)
Onset time: Took about 10 minutes to drink (I took about 20 mg mixed with cranberry soda water), with onset about 50 after I started drinking it (or 40 minutes after I was done).
Fade: About four and a half hours.
Strength: Medium to strong (20 mg dose)
Tingling (where did you feel it): Forehead, shoulders, lips.
Control (can you maintain focus, etc): Decent. Head’s a bit heavy and spacey but I can focus just fine.
Emotions: Calm, relaxed, mellow.
Paranoia: No
Energy level: On the low and sleepy side, but I was a bit sick when I tried this one. Was nice for helping me relax.
Taste: Perfect fruity addition to my cranberry tonic water. The strawberry flavor is the perfect level of sweetness, not overpowering like some soda, and the peppercorn adds a nice subtle zing.
Relieves: Anxiety, body aches, fever stress, PTSD.
Positives: Great tasty fruit mixer for a variety of uses (it would be great over ice cream or mixed in yogurt as well). Nice for kicking back after work. Good body relaxation and a mellow mind.
Negatives: Bottle top seal could use a tear tab – it’s a bit hard to get the plastic seal off without taking a knife to it – although that may be part of the I-502 packaging requirements.
Other notes: Best tasting soda mixer I’ve tried so far of the Craft Elixir syrups. I love the versatility of these things. I recently tried a non-infused version of their new chocolate syrup at an event at High 5 Cannabis and it was very tasty as well as an ice cream topper.

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