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WIRE: California company launches vape pen with controlled dosing

LOS ANGELES — Hmbldt, a health and wellness company dedicated to providing safe, targeted and effective cannabis-based solutions to millions of people, today announced the launch of its first products designed to work with a patient’s physiology via their endocannabinoid system.

Hmbldt’s targeted formulas for Bliss, Sleep, Calm and Relief are delivered as precise dosages through the patented hmbldt dose pen, a proprietary device designed exclusively by hmbldt to help patients receive the therapeutic benefits of the active ingredients found in the cannabis plant while mitigating the risk of intoxication.

“Millions of patients who could benefit from cannabis haven’t found a product or delivery device that provides a consistent and measured experience to help them,” said Matt Seashols, co-founder and president of hmbldt. “Our products are designed to work naturally and consistently to target specific need states of sleep deprivation, anxiety, pain and inflammation and improve overall well being. Hmbldt delivers health and happiness to patients based on the science behind the plant.”

Hmbldt determines the balance of cannabis compounds that deliver functional benefits to the human body through interaction with the endocannabinoid system, a group of receptors located in the nervous and immune systems, and creates targeted formulas to deliver a consistent and predictable response while moderating the psychoactive effects of cannabis.

Hmbldt’s formulas are delivered through the proprietary hmbldt dose pen made with medical-grade recyclable material. Engineered and designed exclusively to hmbldt’s demanding specifications, the hmbldt dose pen uses custom vaporization elements for appropriate activation of hmbldt’s formulations. Consistent dosage is guaranteed through optimized temperature control, airflow control and time control.

“At hmbldt, we isolate specific compounds present in cannabis to develop our custom formulas for each patient need state,” said Samantha Miller, chief science officer for hmbldt and founder of Pure Analytics Laboratory. “I am confident that no other cannabis company has worked so diligently with scientific research on multiple formulas to positively impact patients’ lives.”

Hmbldt’s team of experts and seasoned executives also include Mike Seashols, chairman, Jeremy Green, chief operating officer, Richard Heaps, chief financial officer and general counsel, Derek McCarty, vice president of marketing, and board members Jason DeLand and Mike Byrne, founding partners of world-class global agency Anomaly.

The hmbldt brand was created out of a unique partnership with and investment from Anomaly, which developed the design, packaging and innovations platform.

“We believe there is a therapeutic genius to cannabis,” said DeLand. “Our own entrepreneurial instincts and love of learning have fueled our passion for developing new science-backed products for responsible consumers.”

hmbldt’s strategic partnership with global public relations agency MSLGROUP provides a high caliber of marketing prowess for the hmbldt brand and business, a clear departure from other players in the space.

The company’s first product launch is similar to that of a traditional consumer good, best characterized as a new approach in the growing cannabis industry intended to break the stigma and propel cannabis as a natural health and wellness solution. The launch includes educating dispensaries and patients on the product science to best help those in need.

To ensure efficacy and consistency, all hmbldt formulas have been validated through a series of consumer tests. Each product batch undergoes rigorous analytical testing for active ingredient content and contaminants at first extraction, after distillation and at final formulation.

Hmbldt products are available at select medicinal dispensaries in California. Patients can also order hmbldt products easily through, an on-demand technology that connects medical marijuana patients with deliveries from select compliant dispensaries. For more information about hmbldt, visit

About hmbldt
Hmbldt is a health and wellness company dedicated to providing safe, targeted and effective cannabis-based solutions to millions of people. hmbldt helps patients receive the therapeutic benefits of the cannabis plant while mitigating the risk of intoxication. Informed by cannabis research studies, cannabis analytics and patient data, hmbldt’s scientists develop precise formulations of compounds found in cannabis to deliver health benefits through their proprietary vaporizing device, the hmbldt dose pen, and solve specific patient need states. The result is a consistent, reliable and targeted experience. To learn more,

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