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WIRE: Oregon LCC creates packaging and labeling video for recreational industry

OREGON — The Oregon Liquor Control Commission, which oversees the state’s recreational cannabis industry, has produced a video version of its Packaging and Labeling workshop.

The video, which runs about one hour, contains information on the requirements for packaging and labeling as well as the submission process to get them approved.

The video can also be directly accessed on the OLCC YouTube Channel.

The OLCC also has also updated the OLCC Approved Package List, as well as produced a short update on the packaging and labeling submission process.

Updated information about the packaging and labeling process has and will continue to be added to the Frequently Asked Question section of the OLCC Recreational Marijuana website.

More information about the packaging and labeling process can be found here, and a Packaging and Labeling Guide can be downloaded here.

Technical questions about packaging and labeling can be sent to:

The video is below:

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