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LIVING: Using a bong for your smoking needs

By Sam Capone

Today, I’m going to explain to all you stoners out there about how great it is to use a bong for your smoking needs and the best places to find wholesale bongs and pipes to save a little money on the hardware so you can spend it on the herb.

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You may already know what is so great about them, or perhaps you are looking for a bit of persuasion and more information on why you should use bongs? Then look no further.

People may choose to smoke their herbs in many different ways – perhaps you are a joint smoker and have never tried another method.

Maybe you have only ever used marijuana in edible form? There are many ways that you can choose to consume your cannabis so what’s so great about branching out and trying a different approach that is the bong?

Let us learn about bongs

One aspect is that bongs come in so many different shapes and sizes, you can see great examples of bongs at our shop at

From small to large, from classic to outrageously unique. Sticking to one method of smoking can be boring when there is a cool and different way to smoke. And a bong offers you a better all round smoking experience.

Bongs use water which acts as a cooling method for the smoke. When it passes through, instead of the sometimes harsh effect of a joint, it gives you a cool and smooth alternative. This makes it easier to inhale also as the smoke is more filtered. This means that it will often be viewed as a healthier alternative to the normal method of smoking weed.

The process is also a lot quicker. None of the time and effort consuming method rolling equates to! It offers you a quicker way to get high rather than sitting there for ages puffing away waiting for something to happen.

Get an instant and smoother hit off a bong instead. There is also no learning curve to using them, not like making a joint when you have to try and master how to roll the perfect spliff without it falling apart or not being tight enough. You can look way more advanced and like you know what you are doing in front of your friends if you can use your bong to get a hit instead.

How long have they been around?

These special pipes have been around for such a long time, and there are so many cool and different ones for sale on the market. They offer a cleaner and more direct form of smoking your cannabis which allows you to not only reach a quicker high but also means you are so much cooler than those joint smokers!

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