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Strain Sheet: Dog-Father wax from Hi-Guys (Washington)

Dog-Father wax from Hi-Guys (Washington)


Name: Megan & Alex
Strain: Dog-Father (50/50 Hybrid)
Grower: Hi-Guys
Onset: Instantaneous
Fade: About a half hour
Strength: Potent
Control: Poor. Got “stuck” after one dab! After the second hit we were both done for!
Smell: Hashy and spicy
Taste: Fresh berries
Tingling: Lightly on sides of face Alex said
Emotions: Smiley, happy, silly, relaxed, comfortable
Relieves: Chronic back pain (surface pain in muscles)
Positives: Hits great! A small dab got us blasted! I usually sit there and take several hits before I’m ready, and this wax provides huge hits from small amounts of product!
Negatives: None
Other Notes: When used in a vape pen, tastes like gummy bears.


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