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WIRE: Marley Natural hosts Oregon product launch Aug. 24 in Portland

PORTLAND, OR — Marley Natural, the official Bob Marley cannabis brand, which launched earlier this year on Bob’s 71st birthday, is now debuting their collection of all natural, cannabis flower and oils, lifestyle accessories and body care in Oregon.


The products will be available for sale at NECTAR locations and other dispensaries in the Portland metro area and Eugene starting August 24, 2016.

A media launch event will be held on August 24 at NECTAR on Sandy Boulevard from 10 a.m. to 1 p.m.

Marley Natural’s inaugural product line includes:
· Four categories – Marley Green (hybrid), Marley Gold (sativa), Marley Red (high CBD-rich) and Marley Black (indica) – of all-natural, locally-sourced, sun-grown cannabis flower and supercritical CO2 oils;
· Body care products infused with the moisturizing power of cold-pressed hemp seed oil blended and mixed with other natural Jamaican botanicals; and
· A collection of smoking accessories made from sustainably-grown American Black Walnut wood and heat-resistant, hand-blown glass.

Rise Up, Marley Natural Gives Back to Oregon:
· In the spirit of giving back, both to Jamaica and to communities that have been harmed by cannabis prohibition, Marley Natural has created a social impact initiative called Rise Up™.
· In Oregon, Marley Natural has partnered with the Minority Cannabis Business Association (MCBA), the first non-profit organization created specifically to progress the cannabis industry by increasing diversity.
· Marley Natural’s partnership with the MCBA will create a Rise Up Expungement Program to help men and women who have been convicted for cannabis offenses. The Rise Up Expungement Program will file a motion to set aside felony and non-felony arrest or conviction charges that qualify for expungement.

WHERE: NECTAR 3350 SE Sandy Boulevard, Portland, Oregon

WHEN: Wednesday, August 24th, 2016, Time TBD

Tour of Marley Natural product lines:
o Four strains of Marley Natural cannabis flower and oil

o Marley Natural accessory line

o Marley Natural body care products

About Marley Natural
Marley Natural is the official Bob Marley cannabis brand, crafted with deep respect for Bob’s legacy and belief in the positive potential of the herb to heal and inspire us. To learn more about Marley Natural, visit or follow the conversation on social media using #MarleyNatural and #MarleyPDX.

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