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The Friday Five: Weekend weed music selections from Collie Tunes, Aug. 12, 2016

Welcome to The Friday Five – a weekly weed and music column from Collie Tunes, a Portland company focused on tunes for the cannabis industry.

This column runs every Friday – so keep it right here for more selections, and enjoy!

Selections and comments below by Sean Hocking, owner of Collie Tunes:

Dr Hook – I Got Stoned & I Missed It

Back to the seventies with this one.. you can’t deny it the good Dr with the eyepatch certainly sounds like he has a few before singing this

Lords Of Acid – Marijuana In Your Brain

Techno dubheads of the early nineties will remember these guys.

El Flako – Monster Hash

Anybody who grew up in the seventies will know exactly what’s going on here

Barrington Levy – Collie Weed

Need i say it, back to Jamaica again for a classic from the guy who brought us hit after hit throughout the 80’s & 90’s

The Psychotic Maniacs – I Need The Weed

No. 1 most un mellow weed song ever! Where else but from Australia

Full playlist:

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