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WIRE: American Growth Fund launches first cannabis-focused diversified mutual fund

DENVER — American Growth Fund, Inc. (“AGF”) has launched the first cannabis focused mutual fund.

The American Growth Fund, Series Two, uses a growth style of investing. AGF uses a consistent approach to build the Fund’s security portfolio which is made up primarily of common stocks and securities convertible into common stock in companies involved in at least some way in the legal cannabis business.

AGF’s Series Two is led by Mr. Timothy E. Taggart. Mr. Taggart, President of AGF, investment committee member and director, has held his securities license since 1987. His knowledge of the securities industry is vast as owner and president of World Capital Brokerage, Inc., a registered Broker Dealer, and owner and president of Investment Research Corporation, a registered Investment Advisor. Mr. Taggart is also a FINRA Arbitrator.  For more information please log on to

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Chris Herrington

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