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Strain Sheet: Blackberry Kush Wax from Hi Guys (Washington)

Blackberry Kush Wax from Hi Guys


Reviewer: Megan
Strain: Blackberry Kush Wax (Indica descendant of Afghani and Blackberry)(purchased at Sticky’s).
Grower: Hi-Guys (Washington)
Onset Time: Right Away
Fade: About 90 minutes
Strength: Powerful
Tingling: We both felt it on the tip of our noses
Control: Easy to maintain focus and keep a train of thought going
Emotions: Silly, giggly and goofy
Paranoia: None
Energy Level: Not there
Smell: Berries and lemon and tastes like berries
Relieves: Muscle tension
Positives: Lats a a few days, tastes really good and gets you super high!
Negatives: Kind of a pain in the neck to handle. Very sticky. Definitely needs dab tools
Other Notes: Easy on throat and lungs

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