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Strain Sheet: Critical Jack from Sweet As! (Washington)

Critical Jack from Sweet As


Name: Megan
Strain: Critical Jack (sativa-hybrid cross of Critical Plus and Jack Herer)(purchased at Sticky’s Pot Shop)
Grower: Sweet As!
Onset Time: Immediately after a good sized bong rip!
Fade: About an hour
Strength: Mild to medium
Tingling: None
Control: Focus was great! I was able to get work done online no problem.
Emotions: I felt satisfied with the fact that 2 grams went such a long way. I felt relaxed, comfortable and focused.
Paranoia: None felt
Energy Level: I mostly just sat in bed and worked online. I was able to maintain focus and get things done in an appropriate amount of time. I was wide awake, yet relaxed.
Smell: Stony, earthy, garden vegetables like growing tomatoes and cooking herbs – and it TASTED like lavender and basil. Hit so smoothly and tasted unique and natural.
Relieves: Having to buy weed for a while
Positives: 2 grams of this lasts and looks like an eighth would
Negatives: None
Other Notes: This is a strain I would buy again

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