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Strain Sheet: MLB preroll from Earth Rising Farm (Washington)

MLB preroll from Earth Rising Farm


Reviewers: Megan and Alex
Strain: MLB Preroll (indica – Willie’s Wonder descendant)(Sold at Greenhead Cannabis)
Grower: Earth Rising Farm (Washington)
Onset Time: We started feeling stoned halfway thru the joint.
Fade: A few hours later. (Two of us on a 0.6g joint)
Strength: Noticeably stoned, meaning I found myself typing slow and misspelling a lot.
Tingling: Alex said his body was tingly, I did not feel any tingles anywhere.
Control: It took me forever to type. I kept incorrectly spelling words. Alex said he was extra forgetful! Control isn’t good.
Emotions: Kind of stuck, short attention span, loss of focus but relaxed overall. (All over the place lol! But in a positive way)
Paranoia: Wondering where the keys are (Alex)
Energy Level: Blegh…. not there. Unless we’re going to get ice cream somewhere!
Smell: It didn’t smell like much (it’s hard to tell from the smoke) and even before we lit it up; nothing. However, it did taste minty in a nice light way.
Relieves: Having to take life seriously for a day lol
Positives: We enjoyed the whole experience, from smoking it to laying around, waking up to eat treats, watching Game of Thrones and such.
Negatives: The joint had been sitting around a while (in the editor’s sample stash) before we got it. Needless to say the contents had fallen out some and I thought I would have to reroll it. However, I was able to just shove the loose material back in and smoke it! It smoked just fine and was not even harsh! We barely coughed.
Other Notes: Alex is a Red Sox fan so of course he liked the MLB name!

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