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WIRE: Cannabis investor sends open letter to Obama

NEW YORK — Alexander Nachman, America’s leading expert on investing in the cannabis industry, wrote an open letter to President Obama. Excerpts are below. For the full text, including Facts About America and our 8-Part Plan, visit

Dear Mr. President,

In light of recent events, you have an opportunity, dare I say an obligation, to fundamentally change America in a profound manner. You can enact an Executive Order that can solve some of this country’s biggest problems, and right some of our most egregious wrongs.

The first step is to declare an immediate decriminalization of all forms of cannabis and its non-psychoactive cousin, hemp. This act can take a bite out of racism in America and set the course for a more peaceful, non-violent nation.

Informed individuals understand that the “War on Marijuana” is largely a war on people of color, and has imprisoned millions of minorities for victimless crimes.

By ending the prohibition on cannabis and hemp, you can help end a racist law that targets minorities, and erase 80 years of hatred, bigotry and propaganda, while also creating jobs, developing affordable housing, and improving education.

Our 8-Part Plan calls for a new way of thinking, along with decisive actions.

Mr. President, it’s time to end “politics as usual.” It’s time to Move America Forward, and take profound steps to end racism, end the homeless problem, end our lack of compassion, and end our outdated policies that widen the social divide. It is now time to choose the American people rather than publicly traded companies and their profits. It is now time for real change to occur.

Instead of being a “good” president, you have the power to become a transformative president, like Washington, Lincoln and FDR. You can create a legacy and implement changes that will truly “Make America Great Again.”

Alexander Nachman
American Citizen

About Alexander Nachman:

Nachman is a Wall Street veteran, who is now a leader in cannabis advocacy, human rights, and social justice.

Read the full text of the Letter to President Obama, including Facts About America and the 8-Part Plan, at:

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