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Strain Sheet: Blackberry Kush from Honu (Washington)

Blackberry Kush from Honu


Name: Megan
Strain: Blackberry Kush (Indica mix of Afghani and Blackberry)
Grower: Honu
Onset time: A few minutes. I took notice that the high comes on in layers.
Fade: Couple hours
Strength: Strong (despite the 16.30 percent THC content)
Tingling: On top of my head
Control: Not good.
Emotions: Mellow. Silly. Happy.
Paranoia: None felt
Energy Level: No energy, it’s wind down time
Smell: Hardly smells like anything.
Relieves: Surprisingly strong given my high tolerance and the THC test results.
Positives: It’s amazing how there’s a lot more to the entourage effect of cannabis than just THC levels. I got higher from this than I would from something over 20 percent!
Negatives: None!
Other Notes: Tastes pure and clean and brings on a pleasant giggly high

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