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WIRE: NORML’s Allen St. Pierre takes over as Freedom Leaf vice president

LAS VEGAS, NV – Freedom Leaf, Inc. (OTC PINK: FRLF) announced today that Allen St. Pierre, long time NORML Executive Director, has joined Freedom Leaf as Vice President of Communications and Advocacy following his resignation from The National Organization for the Reform of Marijuana Laws after 25 years with the world’s leading and oldest marijuana reform organization.


Mr. St. Pierre will be formally joining Freedom Leaf on July 18th.

Freedom Leaf CEO, Cliff Perry, announced, “In his new position, Mr. St. Pierre will remain in Washington, DC, where he will devote time to advocacy and use his relationships with business and political leaders to drive Deal Flow to Freedom Leaf as well as to the company’s media, advertising & merchandising platforms. These actions will increase revenues and value for our Shareholders.”

Over the past 25 years, Mr. St. Pierre has been the most frequently interviewed person in history on the matter of marijuana policy, averaging an astonishing two thousand interviews annually. Since 1991, Mr. St. Pierre has been interviewed by most every major international, national and regional media outlets well over forty thousand times in print, radio and television always professionally representing the concerns and interests of cannabis consumers and the now exploding legal cannabis industry in America.

On a daily basis, media, political and business leaders contacted him about the state of Marijuana legalization and what has now become the emerging cannabis industry. Mr. St. Pierre maintains extensive relationships with many members of the press as well as business and political leaders. Hundreds of companies entering into the Cannabis Industry have contacted him and he manages to maintain a relationship with many of them. Mr. St. Pierre has lobbied local and state governments nationally, Congress and the Executive Branch of the United States and he will be using those contacts to further the reputation of Freedom Leaf, The Marijuana Legalization Company™.

Freedom Leaf co-founder, Richard C. Cowan, met and hired Mr. St. Pierre in 1992, when Cowan was NORML’s Executive Director. Cowan stated, “I am enormously pleased that my old friend will be bringing to Freedom Leaf his incomparable knowledge of the issues pertaining to the legalization of marijuana and the industry as well as all the relationships with political leaders, the press and those leaders in the Industry. There is simply no one else in the world who knows the issues… and the burgeoning marijuana industries, as well as Allen.”

St. Pierre on Freedom Leaf: “Of the now thousands of businesses in the cannabis space, when former NORML director and board chair Richard Cowan informed me a few years ago of his strong interest to found a new corporation whose mission statement is to be ‘The Marijuana Legalization Company™,’ seeking numerous ways for the already existing plethora of cannabis-related reform advocacy organizations to better ‘monetize’ their operations, I saw such as further evidence of the political and economic saliency of cannabis legalization itself, going well beyond memberships and apparel.

“I’m thankful to be provided the opportunity of working at Freedom Leaf continuing to liaison with the ever-growing cannabis law reform movement long-spearheaded by NORML’s grassroots advocacy; tapping into a deep reservoir of information and contacts accumulated after nearly seventy thousand hours concentrating on cannabis policy while employed by NORML and NORML Foundation since 1991.”

Freedom Leaf CEO, Clifford J. Perry, emphasized that, “The Company is dedicated to supporting NORML in every way possible, which we have been doing as their Brand Manager for the past year. Freedom Leaf is truly ‘The Marijuana Legalization Company™’ and we are very proud that we can provide a platform for Mr. St. Pierre to continue his invaluable contribution to marijuana legalization and to bring new business to Freedom Leaf that will increase the value of our stockholders’ shares.”

Financier Jon Doukas, in association with Trend Investments, Inc., has been retained to lead Freedom Leaf, Inc. to develop and guide the company to acquire companies that will benefit the company by adding hard assets to their financial statements. This will increase the value of our stockholders’ shares.

Jon has been an investment banker with a long history of funding startups and successfully taking them to fruition, the collaboration will assist in securing the most advantageous financial solutions for the interim growth of the company.

Freedom Leaf’s CEO, Cliff Perry stated, “We believe that Mr. Doukas will be a key component in developing new business revenue for the company.”

Freedom Leaf is a Founding Executive Blue Moon Advisor; and has developed numerous companies utilizing the valuable resource to entrepreneurs provided by the Consortium and its network of subject matter experts. Blue Moon Advisors of Las Vegas, NV, a Division of Blue Moon Consortium, Inc. Blue Moon provides start up services, compliant business finance documents and marketing presentation materials.

Freedom Leaf, Inc., “The Marijuana Legalization Company ™,” is a fully reporting and audited, publicly traded company trading under the symbol (OTC PINK: FRLF). Freedom Leaf is one of the leading go-to resources in the cannabis, medical marijuana, and industrial hemp industry. It is involved in merger and acquisitions in the marijuana industry, including incubation of new marijuana-related companies and spin offs. In addition, the company flagship publication, Freedom Leaf Magazine, The Good News in Marijuana Reform, produces a portfolio of news, print and digital media, websites, and web advertising, for the ever-changing industry. Freedom, Leaf Inc. does not handle, grow, sell, or disperse marijuana or related products.

Blue Moon Consortium, Inc. is the parent entity for a group of seven companies that support small and medium sized businesses, (SMB) Entrepreneurs in all areas related to the preparation, presentation, and ultimately, acquisition of business finance instruments. Their network of advisors provide expertise related to business finance and development, including attorneys, accountants, bankers, brokers, coaches, consultants, investors, and marketers. Through the combination of these resources working in concert, the Company prepares and executes business finance documentation and presentation materials for startup businesses and expansions around the world in all industries, sectors, and sub-sectors.


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