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Strain Sheet: Blue Cheese Wax from Phoenix Cannabis (Washington)

Blue Cheese Wax from Phoenix Cannabis


Name: Megan and Alex
Strain: Blue Cheese Wax (indica cross of a Blueberry male with an original U.K. Cheese)
Grower: Phoenix Cannabis (Washington)(Purchased at High-5 Cannabis)
Onset Time: As soon as you exhale
Fade: About 4 hours
Strength: Very strong.
Tingling: I felt numbing and tingling on my lips, Alex felt it on his lips and face
Control: Able to focus on the TV but not much else.
Emotions: Suuuuuper relaxed
Paranoia: None
Energy Level: Enough juice to pick up a remote or video game controller
Smell: It actually smells and tastes like blue cheese
Relieves: Any responsibilities whatsoever
Positives: The gram lasts forever
Negatives: It does run out eventually.
Other Notes: Easy to handle whether you have dab tools or not


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