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WIRE: First Harvest Financial supports release of new medical cannabis textbook

TAMPA, Fla. — First Harvest Financial is proud to support Dr. Gregory Smith in the release and promotion of his new medical cannabis textbook. Medical Cannabis, Basic Science & Clinical Applications is one of the first science-based, peer-reviewed textbooks on medical cannabis written for medical professionals. Dr. Smith serves as a strategic advisor to First Harvest Financial as its Director of Medical Affairs.

Dr. Smith, who has been practicing medicine for nearly 30 years, spent about half of his career working in California, where he studied medical cannabis. It was during this time that Dr. Smith realized there were very few, if any, reliable scientific print resources on prescribing medical cannabis. Dr. Smith was inspired to help other physicians and medical professionals develop a strong knowledge about medical cannabis, to better both their patients’ lives and the practice of modern medicine.

Published by Aylesbury Press in February 2016, Medical Cannabis, Basic Science & Clinical Applications, answers questions about the different types of medical cannabis available, the differences between them, what conditions each type is best suited to treat, what the possible side effects are, and how best to prescribe medical cannabis.  Dr. Smith also discusses the history of cannabis and how the human body processes the plant.

As a physician, Dr. Greg hopes that this textbook will serve as an educational guide for healthcare providers who have little if any, education regarding cannabis, its prescription, or its applications. He wrote his Medical Cannabis, Basic Science & Clinical Applications with primary care physicians, family practice physicians, internists, pain specialists, oncologists, geriatricians, medical students, nurse practitioners, physician assistants, and other medical professionals in mind.

One area of focus in the textbook is the prescription of safe dosages, monitoring cannabis medication, and how to deal with cannabis dependence and possible adverse effects. According to Dr. Smith, because so few physicians are familiar with medical cannabis and how to prescribe it to their patients, many worry that too high a dosage will put their patients in harm’s way. He hopes that the information in his book will encourage healthcare providers to view medical cannabis as a legitimate, effective, and safe medication.

Aylesbury Press, the Boston-based publisher, who printed Medical Cannabis, Basic Science & Clinical Applications, had its reservations about publishing Dr. Smith’s textbook, due to the stigma surrounding cannabis in the United States. For Dr. Smith, the stigma surrounding cannabis deters medical professionals from prescribing cannabis to their patients in many areas of the country. As the stigma is debunked among Americans, thanks to success stories, scientific research, and books like Dr. Smith’s, more professionals and companies are becoming involved in and showing support for the medical cannabis industry.

First Harvest Financial is one of those companies. The experienced team of economic and business professionals built their company around the idea that visionary entrepreneurs and like-minded advocates can succeed together by bringing innovative medical cannabis therapies to market. Dr. Smith embodies the First Harvest vision, not just in his medical practice, but also in his mission to educate other healthcare professionals about the safest and most effective ways to prescribe medical cannabis.

Nearly every member of First Harvest Financial’s leadership team has seen or experienced the powerful effects medical cannabis can have on someone suffering from a chronic illness, like epilepsy, PTSD, or cancer. So, Dr. Smith’s work hits home for the company who works to help motivated professionals enter the growing medical cannabis industry in the United States. Not only does First Harvest Financial believe that medical cannabis can improve patients’ quality of life, but also can help them live more economically efficient lives, as cannabis renders several expensive over-the-counter drugs obsolete for these patients.

At the heart of Dr. Smith and First Harvest Financial’s mission to create greater knowledge about and accessibility to medical cannabis, is compassion. These educated and highly experienced professionals want to help suffering patients in both the medical and economic aspects of their lives, and Dr. Smith’s textbook—Medical Cannabis, Basic Science & Clinical Applications—has the power to change the medical cannabis space for the better.

About First Harvest Financial:

First Harvest  Financial, Inc. works directly with those professionals looking to strategically enter and capitalize on growing and creating cannabis-based solutions in today’s marketplace. The firm manages a private equity fund investing in legal, cannabis-related companies, primarily medical cannabis-based solutions. First Harvest Financial provides accredited investors a diversified portfolio approach to investing in ancillary businesses related to the cannabis sector. For more information, please visit:

About Dr. Gregory Smith MD, MPH:

Dr. Gregory Smith, MD, MPH earned his medical degree from Rush Medical School in Chicago, and a Masters of Public Health from Harvard University. He completed residency training in Preventive Medicine at Walter Reed Army Medical Center. Since leaving the US Army with the rank of Major, Doctor Smith has been in primary care practice in California, Georgia and Florida for the past 25 years. He first trained on use of medical cannabis in California in 2000, and has made medical cannabis and CBD oil part of his practice since that time. Dr. Smith is an avid writer, having published two medical textbooks, a novel entitled, Malpractice, and articles with many magazines and over a dozen peer reviewed medical publications.


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