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Canna-Daddy’s Portland and Leafly partner on new informational kiosk system

By Sue Vorenberg
Cannabis Daily Record

Portland, OregonLeafly and Canna-Daddy’s have teamed up to launch the first ever “Cannabis Experience Center” kiosk system at the Portland dispensary’s new location on Division St.

(Canna-Daddy's owners Brad and Christina Zusman)

(Canna-Daddy’s owners Brad and Christina Zusman)

Canna Daddy’s, one of the city’s largest dispensaries, worked with Leafly to develop the kiosks, which let customers surf through a wide array of information about strains and products sold specifically at the store, said Brad Zusman, who co-owns Canna-Daddy’s with his wife, Christina.

“The reason that we created this – and it took two years to put this together with Leafly – is for the consumer to get the best information,” Zusman said. “I think we (Leafly and Canna-Daddy’s) both had the same idea for this at the same time, and we decided to merge our visions to make something that’s really useful for our customers.”

The kiosks are located in the shop’s waiting area. (Oregon dispensaries limit the number of customers inside their shopping areas as a security measure. Before entering the secure area, customers wait in a separate room while IDs are checked.)


One of the objectives of the kiosks is to let customers surf through products by effect, strain type, mood and other categories while they wait. This lets them make more informed decisions about what they plan to purchase, said Linn Baumgardt, a Leafly spokeswoman.

“It really simplifies what we have in the digital space with Leafly,” Baumgardt said. “This is all focused just on Canna-Daddy’s menu. So if a patient or recreational customer is here, they can see what the store has specifically for them.”

Leafly plans to continue developing and expanding the software based on customer feedback and suggestions, she said.

“Waiting should actually be a fun part of the shopping experience,” Baumgardt said. “This can help visitors have more information and ask better questions when they go in to talk to the budtender.”


Canna-Daddy’s moved across the street from its old location to a new building at 17020 S.E. Division St. on June 20, 2016. The new building is more streamlined, larger and more secure than the company’s former site, Zusman said.

“We have learned so much over the last three years about customer needs, design and security, and all of that has gone into our new building,” Zusman said.

The $600,000 building includes $70,000 worth of security features, including a fortified safe room in the back with specially designed walls and a separate intake area for growers and processors.

“Our inspector said by far this is the most secure location of any dispensary he’s seen in the state of Oregon,” Zusman said proudly.


As a medical dispensary, Canna-Daddy’s has worked with between 350-500 growers and processors a year. That number is in flux right now as the state works on certifying companies for the recreational industry, which won’t launch until this fall. Canna-Daddy’s is certified for recreational sales once that begins. In the meantime, Oregon dispensaries, including Canna-Daddy’s are selling limited amounts of product to recreational customers under the state’s Early Start program.

The new location also includes locally sourced reclaimed wood and other reclaimed materials in its design, Zusman said.

“The idea was to keep it Oregon, and Oregon is all about reclaimed materials,” Zusman said.

Baumgardt said she’s impressed by the store’s design and dedication to customer service.

“Canna-Daddy’s is an awesome partner for us – and we’ll keep developing the software with them to make it even better,” she said.

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