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Strain Sheet: White Fire from Green Vault (Washington)

White Fire from Green Vault

13492948_609365139226850_349427778_nName: Megan
Strain: White Fire (Hybrid cross of Fire OG and The White (purchased at Sticky’s in Vancouver, Washington)
Grower: Green Vault (Chehalis, Washington)
Onset Time: It was hard to tell because I am used to higher THC content. I am not blown away, however I do have a light buzz.
Fade: Not sure, I mixed it with other bud and rolled a splif.
Strength: Minimal, great for beginners I imagine.
Tingling: None felt
Control: I have full control and no problems focusing.
Emotions: Honestly I was disappointed with this product, especially because I have always been happy with Green Vault. I was sleepy after about an hour after smoking it.
Paranoia: None Felt
Energy Level: Lethargic
Smell: Smells like outdoor weed grown in an abandoned backyard!
Relieves: This will help you sleep for sure.
Positives: It looks amazing
Negatives: The disappointment felt when this gorgeous bud doesn’t live up to minimal standards.
Other Notes: Overall I am not happy with this weed. It looked so nice though. Also, I do take into consideration that everybody is different and maybe it isn’t the pot, “it’s just me.”

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