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WIRE: Evoxe launches Balance+ vape line

LOS ANGELES — Evoxe Laboratories, the first company to combine aromatherapy and cannabis, is today announcing the launch of its latest vaporization product, Balance+. Made with organically-grown whole plant CBD extract and blended with Evoxe’s proprietary blend of therapeutic essential oils, Balance+ represents an evolutionary leap in whole plant extract delivery.


Powered by Yolo County-based Yolo Botanicals and organically-grown, therapeutic grade essential oils, Balance+ joins Evoxe’s growing family of cannabis vaporizers situated alongside Engage (Sativa), Stealth (Hybrid), Deep (Indica), and the existing Balance (powered by award-winning Isodiol hemp-derived CBD isolate).

Balance+ illustrates Evoxe’s commitment to safe, therapeutic cannabis-derived wellness. By blending all of the naturally occurring CBD, THC, cannabinoids and terpenes from the whole plant extract with the restorative terpenes present in the essential oils, Balance+ hopes to be the most effective CBD vaporizer available in the state of California.

Michael Katz, Evoxe’s President, offered the following: “It’s been an incredible experience to hear stories from patients all over the country who have found relief using our Balance CBD vaporizer for all kinds of ailments. Now, we’re elevating our already enhanced entourage effect with more than twice as much CBD and 2% THC to provide maximum relief for our patients.”

Yolo Botanicals Co-Owner Robin Miller had this to add: “Magic arrives once again from Evoxe. Balance+ proves Evoxe’s commitment to quality, innovation and well-being. Partnering with Evoxe is an absolute honor.”

Since its launch last October, Evoxe has seen steady growth in the demand for its products in collectives across the State of California. Evoxe products are currently available in over 50 collectives while its Balance product–which contains zero THC–is carried at retail locations in New York, Arizona, Oregon and Alaska, and is available on its website for nationwide shipping at

Evoxe Laboratories was born from the idea that patients should be able to experience their cannabis in the most holistic, clean and effective way possible. The company’s cannabis plus essential oil vaporizers are currently available to registered medical marijuana patients in California, and their CBD plus essential oil vaporizers are available nationwide HERE.


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