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Strain Sheet: Purple OG #18 from Sonlux (Washington)

Purple OG #18 from Son Lux


Reviewers: Megan and Alex
Strain: Purple OG #18 (Hybrid phenotype of Purple OG)(Purchased at High-5 Cannabis)(Washington)
Sonlux (Harvested 04/11/2016)
Onset Time: Smoked at 2:00 PM and both felt it immediately.
Fade: 3.5 to 4 hours (We took a couple bong hits each)
Strength: Felt warmth on my head and face. For Alex, he felt warmth on his face and sleepy shortly after.
Tingling: The tingling sensation was felt in our hands.
Control: I was able to maintain focus, he fell asleep 🙂
Emotions: Calm, relaxed.
Paranoia: None felt.
Energy Level: Not much energy, I was able to focus on this and reading stuff online but I wasn’t going anywhere either.
Smell: The inside of the nug had a coffee aroma. In a lovely way 🙂
Relieves: Muscle tension and stress.
Positives: It smelled and tasted like coffee with a lot of cream and sugar, in a pleasant way.
Negatives: Slightly heavy on the sedative side.
Other Notes: I would purchase this again. I enjoyed it a lot.


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