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WIRE: Nature’s Comfort Meds begins testing cannabis treatment for respiratory illness

PROVIDENCE, RICannabis World Congress & Business Expo — Nature’s Comfort Meds (NCMeds) holder of a United States patent regarding botanical extractions from cannabis and hemp plants, announces testing for effective treatment of respiratory diseases with Beech Tree Labs (BTL). The program is testing NCMeds cannabis oil separately and in combination with STCF or SLO for the treatment of respiratory diseases.

NCMeds concentrates on respiratory diseases as a prototypical target for its innovative approach to product development. In a series of in vitro genomic experiments, a cannabis extract alone demonstrated remarkable activity in gene arrays by up- or down-regulating individual genes by as much as 200-fold.

Genes appearing especially sensitive to the introduction of cannabis extract were associated with inflammation, healing and cancer inhibition. These experiments provided a baseline for comparison with data from subsequent studies.

ST-CF is a DNA-based product of Beech Tree Labs successfully evaluated in three FDA phase 1/2 trials for the treatment of respiratory diseases. When NCMeds’ cannabis extract was combined with ST-CF and tested using the same gene arrays as with the cannabis extract alone, the extreme reactivity of the extract alone was dampened, but the number of genes affected was increased.

NCMeds has initiated a collaboration with physicists and scientists formulating a new product aligning the molecules energy structure of atoms in the human body. This allows the immune system to support its own healing process. NCMeds have formulated a product for treatment to be sold OTC for CTE traumatic brain injury and Post Traumatic Stress Disorder

With genomics data in hand, and the goal of bringing a science-based family of cannabis therapeutics to market, Nature’s Comfort Meds is conducting a series of proteomic experiments. In vivo studies will be performed in parallel to determine the most appropriate respiratory disease target and optimum dosing, to provide safe, efficacious, and affordable alternatives to currently available medicines.

Headquartered in Providence, RI, Natures Comfort Meds (NCMeds) is dedicated to cutting edge research and development using various strains of the cannabis plant and extracting oils utilizing their patented process. Facilities use state of the art equipment in a controlled atmosphere, allowing refinement of products with consistency and optimal results. Utilizing proprietary methods for botanical extraction, NCM leads the industry in abilities to produce highest quality products, currently testing various strains of medicinal plants for use in collaborative clinical studies.

About Beech Tree Labs
Research with Boston Children’s Hospital, Harvard Medical School, Beech Tree’s BTL-slo demonstrated efficacy in treating acute traumatic brain injury. BTL-slo prevented the increase in microglial cells associated with trauma in the memory region of the brain, supporting observations of BTL-slo treated patients who have improved after suffering severe accidents or repeated concussions.


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