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WIRE: Well-known marijuana investor works on virtual cannabis business game

NEW YORK — Alexander Nachman, America’s leading expert on investing in the cannabis industry, is working with First Harvest Financial and Danny Hammett to bring a new game to the world that allows players to build their own virtual cannabis business, hire celebrities for endorsements, and see if they have what it takes to succeed in this high-flying industry.

Hammett is one of the world’s leading game developers. He sold his company to Activision for over $100 million, then stayed on and orchestrated the merger with Vivendi Universal for $18 billion, and collaborated to launch classic games like Tony Hawk and Call of Duty.

The game already has some big names signed on, including: Snoop Dogg, Willie Nelson, Cheech and Chong, Melissa Etheridge,Jimi Hendrix, Miley Cyrus, Jerry Garcia, and Seth Rogen.

Although the game has not been officially released, it has already had hundreds of thousands of downloads just on word-of-mouth, and is currently monetizing at a very attractive percent rate per user.

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About Alexander Nachman:

Mr. Nachman is a 15-year Wall Street veteran, working as a Stock Broker, Strategic Advisor, Analyst, and Director of Corporate Communications. He also has expertise in International Investor and Public Relations.

Nachman believes firmly that all forms of cannabis should be legalized for the greater good of the country, citing reasons that include the medical uses of the plant, economic development, the revitalization of American industry, job creation, and civil and human rights.

Nachman enjoys both helping others get into the blossoming cannabis industry through specially selected investments, and by providing education so that the average American citizen can better understand the cannabis industry and the legitimate uses of legal cannabis for medicinal purposes.

Nachman offers qualified participants with access to the ancillary services aspect of the industry for purpose of investment, plus the capacity to act in support of hundreds of thousands of medical patients that would benefit from a plant-based protocol.

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