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Vape Pen Review: EO Deluxe Vape from Evergreen Oils

By Megan
Special to Cannabis Daily Record


The Evergreen Oils Deluxe Vape Kit, which I recently got for review, is my first dab device.

Before now, the only times I’ve been able to use concentrates was with friends who had their own gadgets. So now that I have my own, I’ve enjoyed being able to play with it!

After using the vape for about a month now, here’s what I know:

The EO Deluxe Vape Pen, which retails for $89 on EO’s website, is user-friendly for both beginners and more experienced smokers.

It lets you vary the temperature with a dial at the bottom of the pen, and I was able to catch on really quickly as to what temperature works best with what concentrate.

Heat temperature options range from 3.5v to 4.8v.

I found that for me there is no one perfect temperature; it depends on what form of concentrate I am using, but it’s nice to be able to adjust the settings and figure out what works best.



The pen has two coils that heat to desired temp. You’ll know when you’re burning to hot when the smoke literally taste burnt and “vapey.”

When you’re not burning hot enough, it’ll feel like you’re straining your lungs and nothing is happening.

I have two mouthpieces that attach to the pen.

One is a basic, yet reliable glass globe; I like it because while you hit it the smoke pillows and swirls beautifully around the confines of the glass.


The other attachment I have is a bubbler mouthpiece. This one is a lot of fun because you get the best of both worlds – it’s like having your own little mini bong.

The pen came also with the globe mouthpiece, however the bubbler, like many other attachments, can also be found at your local headshop as an adapter.

Like most everything, there are pros and cons, and there are a couple things on the EO that I didn’t care for.

Once heated, if you move even slightly the melted product will spill/leak easily.

Also, I was unable (or possibly too lazy) to find a convenient way to keep this pen clean and not super sticky. For me, cleaning it can be high maintenance.

If I had to give the EO Vape Pen a score between 1-10, 10 of course being the highest, I would rate it at an 8.

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