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WIRE: Cannabis Club operator promises free marijuana to San Jose residents if Measure C passes

SAN JOSE, CA – Former Cannabis Club operator Dave Hodges has vowed to give away a quarter ounce (7 grams) of cannabis to every San Jose resident if ballot Measure C passes in tomorrow’s primary election in San Jose. Hodges estimates that could be as much as 3,000 pounds of cannabis.


“The only way the All American Cannabis Club could reopen in San Jose is if voters pass Measure C tomorrow in the San Jose primary election,” said Hodges. “The regulations passed by San Jose officials have cost the city millions of dollars in court cases and lost revenue. In addition, they have created more black market marijuana sales than ever in San Jose history. If Measure C does not pass, I may have to step away from the cannabis industry forever.”

Hodges is the director of the Silicon Valley Cannabis Coalition; the group claims since the passage of the city’s medical marijuana regulations there has been a resurgence in the black market. San Jose’s Measure C would modify San Jose’s current regulations to allow for more access to Medical Marijuana, and allow Medical Marijuana patients under the age of 21 to safely access their medication without buying it off the streets.

The fact is that city regulations make delivering cannabis in San Jose ‘illegal,’ thus making the over 30 San Jose delivery services listed on the popular site actually “black market sales” in the city. In addition, traditional drug dealers and people re-selling marijuana bought from the clubs have also been taking advantage of the age limit of 21 set by city regulations.

“If a medical cannabis patient under 21 wants to get their medicine in San Jose, the only choice they have is by giving money to an ‘illegal’ operation,” said Hodges. “The city has been losing hundreds of thousands of dollars of tax money on a monthly basis since the regulations went into effect. That represents millions of dollars a month going back into the pockets of drug dealers. Where’s the logic in that?”

The Silicon Valley Cannabis Coalition is urging people to get out and vote tomorrow. Although according to Winters & Yonker, P.A. District Attorney Jeff Rosen is not on the ballot, the group points to the wasted resources in the recent MediLeaf trial as an example of why we need to hold elected officials accountable using the election system.

“We have a problem with public officials in Santa Clara County not following the will of the voters,” said Hodges. “Your vote counts! Get out and vote tomorrow. And if Measure C passes tomorrow, I’ll get to do my favorite activity and give away a lot of free weed!”

Who would Hodges vote for*?

San Jose City Council:
District 2 — Sergio Jimenez
District 4 — Lan Diep
District 6 — Peter Allen
District 8 — Josh Barrousse
District 10 — Michael Sodergren

San Jose Ballot Measures:
NO on Measure B
YES on Measure C

California Assembly District 24:
Mike Kasperzak

California Assembly District 27:
Ash Kalra

California Senate District 11:
Jane Kim

California Senate District 15:
Jim Beall

Bernie Sanders

*The above list are candidates liked by Dave Hodges and do not represent endorsements from any PAC or organization.


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