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OPINIONS: Why cannabis works with certain ailments (William Levy, PotValet)

William Levy
CEO, PotValet (California)

At present, multiple studies are being conducted to prove the effectiveness of marijuana as a medicinal plant.

Its cannabidiol content is the one responsible for its medicinal effect and researchers and medical experts are trying to prove just how beneficial it can be to help those with certain ailments.

Cannabinoids interact with cannabinoid receptors found in the cell membranes of the body. You can find cannabinoid receptors in your liver, brain, lungs, immune system, kidneys and more. Both the psychoactive and therapeutic properties of marijuana occur when a cannabinoid stimulates a cannabinoid receptor.

There is an ongoing research on the extent of marijuana and our health, but at present it is known that cannabinoid receptors play a significant role in many body processes, including cravings, immune function, metabolic regulation, bone growth, anxiety, and pain.

Most of the research conducted is focused on marijuana for better sleep and pain relief. A study done to prove its effectiveness in pain and sleep shows that 3 puffs of marijuana a day can relieve chronic nerve pain and help sleep better.

Five Major Cannabinoids and Their Effects

There are 5 major cannabinoids present in medical marijuana that are very effective in relieving the symptoms of different illnesses, and each generates different psychological and physical effects. This is the reason why there are some medical marijuana strains that are produced to have various amounts of each cannabinoid and are prescribed for different conditions.



THC or the delta-9-tetrahydrocannibinol is the most common type of cannabinoid found in medical marijuana. It acts as an anti-inflammatory and a muscle relaxant, and psychologically it acts as a stimulant. This compound acts as an anti-inflammatory, stimulates appetite, anti-epileptic, lowers blood pressure and is also an antidepressant.

CBD or Cannabidiol reduces the psychological effects of medical marijuana. It is very effective for illnesses that show strong physical symptoms. This reduces pain, anxiety, nausea, sedative effects, and is anti-schizophrenic and anti-convulsive.



CBN or Cannabinol is similar to THC but with less psychological effects. This cannabinol strain is very helpful in lowering pressure in the eye like glaucoma. It is also a good analgesic, and an anti-seizure agent.

CBC or Cannabichromene enhances the effects of THC and is effective as an analgesic, anti-inflammatory and sedative.

CBG or Cannabigerol has no psychological effects and is normally present in most medical marijuana. It is one of the oldest forms of cannabinoids and has many anti-microbial properties.

True Stories About Medical Marijuana

Studies conducted by different organizations and the actual testimonies and stories of real users will prove that medical marijuana is very effective in different kinds of illnesses. Here are some of their stories:

Bob – Cannabis User to Relieve Severe Pain
Bob fell off the roof and had to have surgery. He was warned by his doctor that when he woke up he would feel intense pain and it will continue for the rest of his life. To relieve pain he vaporizes marijuana, at first he felt no change, but as marijuana travels into his body the effects are gentle. Since then he became an advocate for medical marijuana and would call on the phone to order for his supply. Vaporizing medical marijuana has allowed Bob to have a pain free life.

Scott – Multiple Sclerosis
42-year old Scott is suffering from a severe case of multiple sclerosis; he was saved by medical marijuana. He was so happy to found an alternative to using medication for his condition. His prescribed MS medication makes him feel sick. Some of the medication’s side effects include flu-like symptoms and a high fever. By smoking marijuana, his pain was controlled and he was surprised he was able to move his stiff legs. According to him, it also relieves his neuropathic pain.

Lori – Spinal Injury
Lori at 57 is a medical coding technician at a local hospital. She injured her spine. Her back surgery led to epidural fibrosis. After failed treatments and medications, her doctor advised her to try medical marijuana. She found great relief using a portable vaporizer 2 to 3 times a day. With medical marijuana, there is no need for her to depend on narcotics to relieve pain.

These are only some of the amazing success stories that have shown pain relief from medical marijuana. These individuals have tried several ways to find relief from their conditions but only medical marijuana was able to provide it for them.

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