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WIRE: DeepCell secures license for new “Ruby Cannabis Infused Sugar” in Washington

SEATTLE — DeepCell™, an emerging technology development company focusing on material science, microfluidics, and cannabinoid molecule discoveries, has announced a licensing agreement with Green Labs, LLC, a licensed cannabis producer-processor, for the manufacture and distribution of their first product, Ruby Cannabis Sugar™, throughout Washington State.


Ruby Cannabis Sugar™ represents DeepCell’s commitment to innovation and taste. The science behind Ruby™ begins with DeepCell’s patent pending Crystal Fusion™ technology. The process fuses cannabinoids, the active compounds in the cannabis plant, to sugar.

That discovery differentiates Ruby from its competitors because it creates a water soluble product. Crystal Fusion™ provides customers with a clean tasting flavor neutral base. Ruby is as flexible as natural sugar. It can be used in coffee, iced tea, smoothies, and any recipe one can imagine. Ruby comes in 10 milligram serving sized packages and will soon come in smaller, 5 milligram servings for consumers new to the cannabis edibles market.

“The industry is currently filled with oil and butter based cannabis products. Ruby offers a low-calorie, fat free, low-flavor option for those looking for a healthier and better tasting alternative,” said DeepCell CEO Kelly Ogilvie. “We are excited to introduce a product that will not change the flavor of the edibles it is added to, as well as unlock a greater potential for the edible market. It allows for the culinary minded to take their favorite dish up a notch.”

“Our licensing agreement is a unique structure that allows cannabis companies to incorporate new technologies into their businesses without the expense of research and development,” Ogilvie said. “By investing time and resources into the world’s two most widely used ingredients, sugar and salt, we’ve simplified the process for businesses to enter the cannabis industry with unique and high quality products.”

Green Labs, LLC is a leader in the adult-use recreational cannabis industry and is the licensed cannabis producer/processor and manufacturer of the award winning Swifts CBD Mints and gourmet edibles.

“We are extremely excited to be able to partner with DeepCell, a company whose vision aligns cohesively with ours,” said Jordan McAulay, Green Labs Director of Business Development. “The scientific approach and quality standards that create each batch of Ruby™ products make Green Labs the perfect home for its production.”

Ruby will be available in adult-use recreational cannabis retail stores this summer. DeepCell anticipates the debut of two more product lines, infused Sapphire™ salt and Emerald™ low-calorie sweetener, becoming available to the public by the end of the year.

The company nearly doubled their initial fundraising goal due to investor demand in the second quarter of 2016. DeepCell anticipates moving to a $10 million financing round by the end of the year.

About DeepCell

DeepCell is a Seattle-based technology development company focusing on material science, microfluidics, and cannabinoid molecule discoveries. The company develops technologies from concept to market-ready, and seeks licensees of its brands and technologies. For more information or high-resolution photos of products and uses visit


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