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WIRE: Los Angeles medical marijuana dispensaries form trade association

LOS ANGELES — UCBA Trade Association (UCBA), is a trade association of Proposition D compliant medical marijuana dispensaries operating legally within the City of Los Angeles, has been formed.  The association’s charter members include 63 of the 135 legally authorized medical marijuana dispensaries in the City of Los Angeles.


Jerred Kiloh, the elected President of the UCBA noted that “by working with the City, we hope to reduce the number of illegal dispensaries and increase tax revenues for the City while creating a structure for legal operators to remain open and in full compliance of the new state laws. We intend to be an active participant in shaping cannabis laws in Los Angeles while at the same time giving the industry a public face and voice.”

In 2013, 63% of Los Angeles voters approved Proposition D, which granted a limited immunity to 135 medical marijuana dispensaries. Since the passage of Proposition D, the number of illegal marijuana operations has increased to what some estimate to be over 1,000 shops. Many of the illegal operations are open within close proximity to schools, churches and parks, which is illegal under Proposition D. Additionally, few, if any illegal dispensaries pay state and local sales taxes or City of Los Angeles gross receipts taxes.

“The UCBA and our members appreciate the work the City has done to require greater accountability from the industry, by increasing business transparency and reducing the number of illegally operating dispensaries in the City.  Just like any other business, legal medical marijuana dispensaries value a system that rewards compliance and are pleased that the City is making efforts to shut down illegal operations,” noted Kiloh.

The UCBA retained Englander Knabe & Allen, the largest advocacy firm in Los Angeles to represent them in local matters and to serve as Executive Director of the Association.   Capitol Strategies Group, led by veteran lobbyist Dennis Loper will be directing statewide advocacy work.  Lisa Selan and Bob Selan, both partners in the Selan Law Firm and veteran attorneys in the cannabis industry serve as General Counsel to UCBA.

The UCBA executive board includes:

  • Jerred Kiloh (The Higher Path)
  • Brennan Thicke (Venice Beach Care Center)
  • Diana De La Mora (DC Collective)
  • Javier Montes (Delta 9)
  • Chris Malcolm (Coast to Coast)
  • Sergio Tellez (Spliffin Group)
  • Carlos de La Torre (Cornerstone Research Group)
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