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WIRE: Medical marijuana billboard campaign launches in Louisiana

BATON ROUGE, La. — Hard-hitting billboards in support of key medical marijuana legislation were launched in two of Louisiana’s largest cities on Tuesday just as state lawmakers are preparing for a final vote on the measure.


The digital ads, which are running at billboard locations in Baton Rouge (5522 Corporate Blvd.) and Shreveport (305 Southfield Rd), feature two local mothers and their young children, who suffer from seizure-related disorders: Katie Corkern of Amite and her son, Connor, and Brittany Osborne of Baton Rouge and her daughter, Kalie.

They read, “Medical marijuana would help my child. Will our legislators?” They encourage viewers to, “Ask them now at,” a website that allows visitors to send messages to their state representatives.

An image of the two billboards is available at, and high-resolution versions are available at (Katie/Connor) and (Brittany/Kalie).

SB 271 would establish a viable medical marijuana program in Louisiana by amending an unworkable medical marijuana law that is already on the books. It would also add seizure disorders and several other debilitating conditions to the list of qualifying conditions for medical marijuana. 

SB 271 has been approved by the Senate, and the House could vote on it as early as Wednesday. If approved, it will be sent to Gov. John Bel Edwards for his signature.

I’ve watched friends move out of state to get their children medical marijuana and I see their success and I hope and pray that Louisiana will join them,” said Corkern, who describes herself on her weblog as a “Christian wife, mom, teacher, blogger, crafter, and advocate.”

“My son suffers from 500-plus seizures a day,” she said. “He has tried 17 different medications, which have not been successful and have produced horrendous side effects. Connor has run out of options in Louisiana. His neurologist believes medical marijuana could be his last hope, and the legislature should not make us wait any longer to access it.

The billboards were paid for by the Marijuana Policy Project, which is working in conjunction with Sensible Marijuana Policy for Louisiana. They will be running through Monday.

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