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Leafy releases list of the most popular cannabis strains in each state

By Sue Vorenberg
Cannabis Daily Record

Blue Dream in Washington, Pineapple Express in Oregon, Sour Diesel in Massachusetts – those are just a few of‘s new list of the most popular cannabis strains for each state.

The list was compiled by the company – considered an encyclopedia of pot – by looking at strain popularity and searches by consumers in its database.

“This research on the evolving recreational and medical cannabis market provided some surprising information: Blue Dream is the fastest trending strain in nine states, more than any other strain,” said Lisa Scholin, a spokeswoman for the company. “The West Coast loves hybrid strains (as do many of the northern and western states). Blue Dream, Pineapple Express and Gorilla Glue #4 fascinate Washington, Oregon and California respectively.”

Eastern states, on the other hand, were more interested in Sativas, she said.

“Ten states east of the Mississippi searched most for sativas and sativa searches are especially concentrated in the South,” Scholin said. “Only four states are interested in indicas (South Dakota, New Mexico, Connecticut and Vermont).”

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