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WIRE: Colorado Harvest Company gets perfect score for clean cannabis

DENVER, CO –  Colorado Harvest Company, a vertically integrated enterprise that grows and sells its own natural cannabis, received a perfect score this month from the Colorado Department of Agriculture (CDA) when all 80 tests of cannabis samples taken between August 2015 and January 2016 came back clean.

Tim Cullen, CEO and co-owner of Colorado Harvest Company, said he founded Colorado Harvest Company as a medical marijuana business to sell safe effective products, and when all Colorado Harvest Company stores began selling recreational cannabis, he continued to implement the safest and most natural growing methods.

Cullen, who was a high school biology teacher for 10 years prior to establishing Colorado Harvest Company, was able to apply his scientific knowledge to cultivating cannabis. He said it was that careful approach that resulted in the perfect grade he received from the CDA.

“We set a high standard for ourselves which is an example to the industry,” Cullen said. “The CDA has the best testing equipment in the industry and we’re pleased they have validated our efforts.”

Cullen said transparency, compliance, communication and research amounted to the successful results. He said these concepts ensure superior products for adult consumers of medical and recreational consumers of cannabis.

“This quality and level of safety is not inherent in the black market,” he said.

Here are the steps Colorado Harvest Company takes each day to ensure consistent delivery of safe natural cannabis:

1. Know the history of your clone (some clones can have trace history of pesticides that can show up later)
2. Handle with care (gloved hands — employees wearing clean gear)
3. Restrict access especially to general public tours.
4. Limit what gets tracked into the garden; starting with a foot dunk and sticky clean paper for the soles of shoes
5. Clean the air that the plants breathe using quality air filters to block contaminants
6. Communicate with the department of agriculture and stay up to date on the changing rules and lists of approved natural fertilizers and treatments
7. Use vendors you can trust (one company got into trouble because a pesticide vendor falsified labeling information).
8. Clean and sanitize every surface everyday
9. Maintain a scrupulous inspection protocol
10. Repeat and always work toward a perfect score.

Colorado Harvest Company cannabis is only available at Colorado Harvest Company’s three dispensaries: 1178 S. Kalamath St., Denver, 80223; 1568 S. Broadway, Denver, 80223; 11002 E. Arapahoe Rd., Aurora, 80016. The Aurora store sells only recreational cannabis.

About Colorado Harvest Company
Colorado Harvest Company produces and sells its own naturally-grown cannabis for adult medicinal and recreational use. Colorado Harvest Company was the first to commission an independent economic impact study of its business and has since become an industry model for financial transparency. Dedicated to providing customers with the highest quality naturally-grown cannabis and courteous customer service, Colorado Harvest Company’s reputation represents the benefits of the legal cannabis movement. Tim Cullen, CEO, is one of Colorado’s most knowledgeable cannabis authorities by nature of his years of experience, formal education and training; public efforts to support legal compliance; industry involvement; community philanthropy and thoughtful media commentary.

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