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WIRE: New Advantis CEO shares vision, identifies future revenue

SANTA ANA, CA – ADVANTIS CORPORATION (OTC PINK: ADVT) CEO, Chris Swartz, described the future growth prospects for the company and announced the launch of LipMedRX on a global scale.

Swartz emphasized that former CEO, Jeremy Foti, laid the solid foundation necessary to direct the company toward distributing products that help people take control of their health.

“All the products he (Foti) focused on delivering to the public revolve around health and pain management,” Swartz said, “Clean VD lets people assess their sexual health, LipMedRX provides protection against the flu and other viruses, and cannabis contains natural compounds that are proven to eliminate pain and reduce inflammation in the body.” Swartz sees commonality in all these health-related products, citing legitimate studies confirming that the natural chemical compounds found within the cannabis plant have significant therapeutic and anti-inflammatory properties.

Swartz said he envisions the success of Advantis Corp. through strengthened partnerships, innovative product development, and a sustained focus on revenue-producing strategies.

“We are launching LipMedRX globally today on Amazon, to provide this revolutionary new lip balm to the world; we plan on doing the same thing with Clean VD, both of which will produce sustained revenues over time.” Swartz put these developments in the context of efforts toward his primary goal, saying, “These ventures will develop immediate revenue, while our efforts to further partnerships and agreements with those that produce and distribute cannabis and its extracts is a more deliberate and exacting process.”

As a publicly traded company, federal laws prohibit the company from taking direct profit from certain production and distribution processes, however Swartz says that those laws do not prohibit the company from supplying certain products and consulting activities to the industry. “We are committed to working effectively through partnerships that legally supply cannabis in their respective states; our current relationships give us an advantage in the way of agricultural knowledge and operational efficiencies that allow us to benefit from the business, while helping to power it,” Swartz passionately related.

Swartz’s background in treating chronic pain and delivering holistic solutions gives him a unique insight into how to bridge the gap between currently accepted pain management techniques and the future of the industry. “Medical cannabis treats several conditions beyond chronic pain,” he said, “and I have seen first hand how, when given the chance to self-medicate, that those in pain are able to free themselves from addictive painkillers and anti-inflamatories, and find a more beneficial, organic solution with CBD and THC extracts. Everyone should have access to these benefits, and it should not be constrained by an outdated law that had nothing to do with effective healthcare.” Swartz reiterated his commitment to working within the law to change it, and emphasized that while he feels strongly about his purpose within the company, revenue is the end result. “I thrive on creating win-win scenarios,” Swartz stated, “and the only way to bring my vision to fruition is through revenue growth and sustainability… the means that justify the ends.”

Swartz stated that while LipMedRx is going global today and can now be purchased on Amazon, CleanVD should be fully launched by the end of the 2nd quarter. Priority projects such as his app-based pain management technology solution that has already been tested by orthopedic surgeons, chiropractors, and senior care providers, will also be launched within the 2nd quarter. Ongoing development operations related to the Oregon, Washington and California marijuana markets will only be announced as operational security is confirmed.

ABOUT Advantis Corporation
Advantis Corporation (ADVT) focuses on the development of innovative products that supply the medical, research, and pharmaceutical industries. The company additionally establishes domestic and international partnerships with businesses that develop and sell proprietary consumer products and services. Product lines for consumer health care, music and entertainment sectors are in development.

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