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WIRE: Ed Rosenthal chimes in on California marijuana initiatives

OAKLAND, Calif. — Ed Rosenthal and many others have serious concerns about the current state of marijuana legalization efforts in California. Rosenthal has announced his public support for the Marijuana Control, Legalization & Revenue Act (MCLR) initiative and opposition to the Adult Use of Marijuana Act (AUMA/the Sean Parker initiative). MCLR is now seen by the majority of activists, operators and community leaders as the best alternative to the faulty AUMA, an initiative that could devastate California’s current marijuana industry.

“If we pass a flawed legalization initiative, we will never be able to fix it,” said Ed Rosenthal. “Our only hope is to defeat AUMA and get MCLR on the ballot. The over 60 pages of regulations in AUMA are a Trojan horse claiming to be legalization.”

Major flaws in AUMA include:

a. Cities and Counties can “completely prohibit” any type of marijuana business without asking the voters of the city or county – 26200(a)
b. Every city can have different “standards, requirements and regulations” – 26201
c. Cities and Counties can ban “delivery” business altogether – 26200(a) and/or ban “delivery” from licensed businesses outside the city or county
2. KEEPS MARIJUANA CRIMINAL – Up to 4 years jail time for giving away, offering to give away, or transporting, offering to transport or attempting to transport more than 28.5 grams of marijuana or 4 grams of concentrate – 11360(a)(2)
Planting, cultivating, harvesting, dry or process more than 6 living marijuana plants on one piece of property – 11360(A)(2)
3. STUPID TAXES – AUMA Part 14.5. Marijuana Tax
For a $500 pound of flowers the growers tax would be $148 or 29.6%
The total tax would be: 29.6% (grower) + 9.25% (state BOE) + 15% (retail) + 10% (or more local) = 63.85% tax on flowers
For a $100 pound of leaf the grower’s tax would be $44 or 44%.
The total tax would be:44% (grower) + 9.25% (state BOE) + 15% (retail) + 10% (or more local) = 78.25% tax on leaf
“… no provision or provisions of this Act shall be interpreted or construed in a manner to create a positive conflict with federal law, including the federal Controlled Substances Act, such that the provision or provisions of this Act and federal law cannot consistently stand together.”

Unlike the hastily drafted 60 pages of AUMA, the 1 page MCLR only addresses a single subject, marijuana legalization for adults 21 and over. Additionally MCLR is simple to read and understand. With the 1 page version of MCLR, this will be the first time in history a marijuana legalization Initiative can be downloaded and printed at home using standard 8.5 x 11 paper and any printer (

MCLR’s language represents over three years of outreach to farmers, operators, patients and activists in a grassroots “open source” document aimed at legalizing marijuana. The initiative would legalize marijuana, fixes problems created by the Medical Marijuana Regulation and Safety Act (MMRSA) and provides a way for the existing medical marijuana industry to transition into a well-regulated market. This is in stark contrast to AUMA, which many say will only severely reinforce some of MMRSA’s biggest flaws.

MCLR is a single page document that can be downloaded, printed, signed and circulated by anyone with an Internet connection. This unique document is the first marijuana legalization initiative specifically developed to use social media and the Internet community.

MCLR Print-at-Home Petition –
Join and Volunteer –
Donate to MCLR – Committee for Cannabis Control 2016 –
Donate to MCLR and get free weed –


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