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Fairwinds Manufacturing launches new Companion tincture to support research on CBD and animals

By Sue Vorenberg
Cannabis Daily Record

Fairwinds Manufacturing, a Washington grower and processor that makes popular lines of tinctures, capsules and other items, has launched a new tincture line aimed at pet-loving cannabis consumers.


James Hull, Fairwinds’ owner, said he got the idea to make a high CBD, low THC tincture after hearing from veterinarian st petersburg fl and customers that some people were using a different CBD product from Fairwinds on their dogs to help with seizures, arthritis and other aliments.

While the company can’t yet sell products specifically designed for pets, Hull said he wanted to create a product that was safe for both his customers and their animals – so that if they do decide to use it on pets they can feel more comfortable.

“The Companion tincture has 100 mg of CBD and 20 mg of THC per bottle,” Hull said. “This product has a lot less THC than our other products. It’s also bacon flavored.”

Dosing is about a quarter dropper for a dog – with about 10 full droppers per bottle,  with a single dose you can help your pet to calm down.

The lower THC means a smaller chance that the animal will become lethargic or stoned when using the product. High CBD pet products on the national and international market often contain no THC – but a low amount of THC works well with CBD to enhance the properties of the two cannabis chemicals in what’s called the entourage effect.

Another issue with the CBD-only products is that they are typically derived from hemp, not medical grade cannabis, Hull said.

“There are a few companies making these products for pets, but the CBD is most often derived from overseas hemp, and sometimes the quality is a little dubious,” Hull said.

The company has also set up a charity in which 10 percent of sales from the Companion line will go to the Fairwinds Pet Wellness Program. Funds in the program will be used to create grants for research studies on CBD and its effectiveness on animals. Hull hopes to partner with veterinary clinics in Washington, he said.

He also hopes to donate some of the funds to animal charities.

“My number one passion is working on cannabis science for pets,” Hull said. “You have to have clinical studies to get the science accepted, though. So I see this as a natural bridge moving forward. And we’re looking for some veterinary clinics in Washington to work with.”

In the future, Hull said he hopes his company can support several scientific white papers based on controlled, professional, clinical studies.

Details of the program will be posted soon on the company’s website:

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