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Strain Sheet: Peach Hard Candy from Billifer’s Buds

Peach Hard Candy from Billifer’s Buds


Reviewer: SueVo
Strain: Peach Hard Candy (Sold at The Herbery in Vancouver, Washington).
Grower: Billifer’s Buds (Washington)
Onset time: About two hours (I took 20 mg. The timing may not be typical – I tend to digest edibles more slowly just because of my body type)
Fade: About five hours from ingestion (three hours from onset)
Strength: Medium
Tingling (where did you feel it): Upper back, lips, cheeks, feet, upper arms, chin, ears spine.
Control: Mild euphoria and a light head buzz. Control and ability to focus are good.
Emotions: Calm, mellow.
Paranoia: Nope.
Energy level: Low and a little sleepy.
Taste: Peachy, sweet, but with a hint of cannabis bitterness underlying it.
Relieves: Body aches. Was great on my back and shoulders – especially when I was dealing with the flu.
Positives: Great body buzz. Kills aches and pains. Nice relatively clear head. Was good for curling up on the couch and watching movies while I was sick.
Negatives: For me, the long onset of edibles in general is always a drawback. This product also has “light corn syrup” as an ingredient (along with sugar) – which is something I typically try to avoid.
Other notes: Chunky, barrell-shaped candies that look cool and taste decent. The product is pure hydrocarbon extracted THC – with no other cannabinoids present. Many edibles are like that, but personally I prefer ones with at least a mix of CBD and THC. All that said, I’d certainly use this again to fight flu symptoms (which is usually the only time I take edibles).


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