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WIRE: Polaris MMJ releases two new “Black-Chip” cannabis strains in Nevada

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LAS VEGAS — DigiPath Inc. (OTCQB: DIGP), an independent cannabis testing and media firm, recently tested some strains of cannabis unlike anything they’ve seen thus far in their Las Vegas lab.

This week DigiPath Labs reached a new plateau in certified cannabinoid content.  After analyzing over six hundred cannabis flower samples, two separate cured cannabis flower samples were certified at 35.1% and 37.5% total cannabinoid content.

The two strains in question, Headcheese and True OG, are new arrivals to the Las Vegas medical marijuana community through the cultivating efforts of Polaris MMJ.  Cannabinoid levels coming in over 30% are unique, not just in Vegas but across the country.

A closer look at the breakdown of cannabinoids in these two strains reveals two unique profiles.

The hybrid Headcheese strain produced not only a remarkable 31.35% THCA but an even lesser seen level of 2.46% CBGA, the chemical precursor molecule of both THCA and CBDA; while True OG came in with a whopping 35.9% THCA.  From the terpenoid profiles, we observed high levels of myrcene (think mango, lemongrass, relaxed, happy) and isopulegol (the precursor to menthol) in the Headcheese strain while the True OG strain also had notable myrcene, limonene (love lemon) and linalool (anti-epileptic, lavender).

“Headcheese, a sativa-indica hybrid strain has attracted followings across the country due to its impressive THCA levels attributed to its astonishing analgesic benefits to alleviate migraines, inflammation, spasms and insomnia,” said Dr. Cindy Orser, Digipath Labs, chief science officer.   “The cured yellow-green brain-shaped flower buds have a lemon, pine, and cheese aroma leaving an earthy not fruity taste.  The cheese-head effects are reportedly a total mind body experience, both relaxing and euphoric.”

True OG is reported to be an indica strain from Southern California with a pungent, earthy citrus note.  It is a potent strain capable of offering up a long-standing focused head high that alleviates insomnia well.  The sedative, analgesic medicinal effects are notable.

Look for both of these Polaris MMJ exclusive noteworthy and potent strains at your preferred LAS VEGAS medical marijuana dispensary soon.

About Digipath

DigiPath, Inc., supports the cannabis industry’s best practices for reliable testing, education, and training, and brings unbiased cannabis news coverage to the nation. DigiPath’s two business units are DigiPath Labs and TNM News Corp. For more information, go to

About Polaris MMJ

Polaris MMJ is an established provider of premium cannabis and infused products based in Nevada.  Polaris MMJ is a boutique outfit using meticulous cultivation methods that give each and every plant the attention necessary for optimal results. The founders, Peter Ishak, Lee McCue and Jim Switzer have been relentlessly focused on enhancing the highest cannabinoid and terpenoid profiles in the world. In addition to THC, Polaris MMJ has been diligently developing strands that are extremely high in CBG which is known to greatly help with chronic pain, intra-ocular pressure, and depression.  Polaris MMJ has recently emerged as the leader in THC levels exceeding thirty-five percent and CBG levels reaching close to four percent. The team pledges their commitment to pushing the envelope in profile development while maintaining the quality and consistency desired for patients in need. To learn more about Polaris MMJ please email: or call 725-222-4201.

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