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WIRE: Portland’s Chalice Farms named one of the top 100 private cannabis companies

PORTLAND, Ore. — The emerging cannabis industry has attracted the attention of leading venture capital and investment banking firms, including Ackrell Capital, whose principals have been involved in domestic and international transactions totaling more than $50 billion.

Chalice Farms, LLC of Portland, Oregon has emerged as a leading enterprise from the multitude of cannabis businesses in America.

In late 2014 Chalice Farms closed a first-round $10M equity funding, which set a new benchmark within the industry. And now Chalice Farms is projecting a ten-fold increase in its year over year revenue growth, and is on track for $10M in revenue for 2016.

Unique in the cannabis industry, Chalice’s fully-integrated business model encompasses proprietary and leading brand-name products, lower production costs, standardization, quality-control and distribution, while leveraging the affordability of labor in Oregon.

Chalice Farms products have already found favor with consumers having captured the coveted DOPE Magazine ‘People’s Choice Award’ and a handful of other awards at that annual event, as well as capturing two first places in the annual Oregon Medical Marijuana Cup.

In developing the ‘Top100‘ report, Ackrell Capital assessed named companies by numerous metrics, including but not limited to, momentum, brand equity and recognition, funding, management team and business plan.

“We were excited and honored when we heard from a Portland-based VC that Chalice Farms was listed on Ackrell’s Top 100,” said William E. Simpson III, Founder and President of Chalice Farms.

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