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WIRE: Willie Nelson given Maverick Award by “Marijuana Don” Big Mike

LOS ANGELES — Country music legend Willie Nelson [], who has made no secret of his marijuana advocacy over his more than 50 year career, was given the first Maverick Award by Big Mike, the “Marijuana Don”.


Long before marijuana legalization became popular, Willie Nelson, named by GQ “America’s most popular stoner” [], was an advocate for the cause and has even developed his own strain named “Willie’s Reserve”.

Michael “Big Mike” Straumietis [], owner of Advanced Nutrients [], honored the singer/songwriter at his Marijuana Mansion Party in the Hollywood Hills, which was attended by over 500 industry tastemakers.

Willie Nelson has been a major part of the legalization movement,” said Big Mike.

“Without heroes like him who put their necks and freedom out on the line when cannabis was not cool, we would not be where we are today,” he continued.

Willie Nelson began his career in 1956 in Vancouver, Washington, frequently appearing on television programs at KVAN. His first big critical music success came in 1973 with his album Shotgun Willie. Since then he has created another 67 studio albums, 10 live albums, 37 compilations, and 27 collaborations. He is known for his outlaw country music style and marijuana legalization advocacy, as well as his activism for the use of biofuels.

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