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Cedar Creek Cannabis launches medical-grade CBD Full-Spectrum Cannabis Extract to Washington rec market

By Sue Vorenberg
Cannabis Daily Record

Cedar Creek Cannabis has launched a new product to Washington’s recreational cannabis market – one that’s difficult to describe under Washington law.


The product, which launched at The Herbery in Vancouver this week, is a medical grade CBD Full-Spectrum Cannabis Extract (FSCE).

Under Washington state law, recreational companies can’t discuss medical properties of cannabis, which means Cedar Creek can’t talk about some of the main medical uses of the product. Nonetheless, the company decided to move forward with a recreational market release because consumers were requesting it, officials said.

“A woman actually came to us about this, she said her grandmother was very ill,” said Ann’ette Pedigo, one of Cedar Creek’s owners. “She had heard about FSCE CBD oil and wanted to try it for her grandmother, but she couldn’t find it anywhere. We wanted to help her, so we decided to create a new product for the recreational market.”

As a medical marijuana product, FSCE and other similar full-extraction items like FECO and RSO are used to treat cancer, pain, AIDS, gastrointestinal disorders, sleep disorders and eating disorders, among other things.

FSCE and other Full Spectrum products are created by extracting all the cannabinoids from cannabis flower, as opposed to just extracting THC or CBD. Full Spectrum uses the entourage effect – that of many cannabinoids interacting with one another – as a more effective treatment method than just using CBD or THC alone, which has been backed up by a recent study.

As a recreational product in Washington, the company can’t mention any of that information on the product or the company website.

Still, retailers have reported a massive demand for CBD products in Washington’s recreational market.

Pedigo said she hopes that as the state recreational system continues to merge with the medical system, Washington companies that get medical designations will be able to say more about the medical properties of their products.

Cedar Creek plans to get a medical certification once they’re available for growers and processors, Pedigo added.

Cedar Creek’s FSCE is made with the high CBD Peacemaker strain, distilled with ethanol and extracted using Co2 technology. The product is distilled more than once to remove any remaining ethanol so only cannabinoids are left at the end of the process, said Brittny Houghton, who heads the company’s extraction operations.

“It’s straight-up pure 100 percent cannabis oil, and it’s strongly distilled,” Houghton said.

The product comes in a 7 gram dropper. On the medical side, FECO patients are typically advised to consume a half or full gram per day, usually at night.


Patients or recreational consumers can also eat it, cook with it, or even use it as a topical.

“Some people mix it with coconut flour, or regular flour – you just freeze a half-gram drop, coat it with the flour and then swallow it like a pill,” Houghton said.

The company plans to expand the product to other Washington stores in the coming weeks.

Along with notifying customers about the new product, Cedar Creek also hopes to collect customer feedback about uses and effectiveness. If you want to provide feedback, please email the company at or


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