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Strain sheet: Candied Lemon Drop Blaze Bar from THC Confection

Candied Lemon Drop Blaze Bar from THC Confection


Reviewer: Mrs. Nice Guy
Strain: Candied Lemon Drop Blaze Bar (Sold at Canna-Daddy’s in Portland, Oregon)
Grower: Blaze Bars (THC Confections) (Oregon grower)
Onset time: About 30-45 minutes from ingestion
Fade: I took it at about 9:30 and still felt the effects when I went to bed about midnight, slept good that night.
Strength: The bar is 100 mg and split into 10 servings, I had about four servings (40 mg) and felt the effects well. I’d say four servings = Strong. Go slow with edibles, beginners should start with one 10 mg dose.
Tingling (where did you feel it): Chest: allergies wreak havoc on my breathing, candy bar relaxed me and it went away. Neck felt looser, eyes were heavy and low.
Control: Aside from the case of the giggles I felt like I was in control
Emotions: Relaxed and at ease, about an hour into it I started to feel solly and got a severe case of the giggles.
Paranoia: None, but with edibles always remember to go slow.
Energy level: Medium – High, for an edible this one had me feeling a silly energy, didn’t make me tired at all.
Smell: Creamy chocolate and slight hints of sweet lemon & sugar.
Relieves: Social and other kinds of anxiety/paranoia, depression, mild pain relief, creative blocks.
Positives: I can see this being fun in social situations, great to liven up a movie or live show, great taste!
Negatives: That I want to eat the whole bar, that’s how I ended up eating 4 doses, luckily I can handle that level w/ my tolerance
Other notes: Chocolate was creamy and tasted great – loved the candied lemon, it felt it played nicely against the chocolate flavor and gave it a nice tangy taste. I decided to try this on a night where my throat was itchy and dry caused by allergies, which can often make me short of breath and feel just crappy. I can’t smoke when I have allergies because it makes it worse. I also get a lot of allergies because of the pollen, I will get a germguardian ac4825, one of the best air purifiers to solve that. Nice to have edibles around because you can get high without the smoke. Shortly after the edible kicked in I felt relaxed, my breathing returned to normal, and all the pressure  in my chest was gone.


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