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Strain Sheet: Flow CBD Tissue and Joint Gel from Fairwinds Manufacturing

Flow CBD Tissue and Joint Gel from Fairwinds Manufacturing


Reviewer: Sue Vorenberg
Strain: Flow CBD Deep Tissue and Joint Gel (Sold at The Herbery, High End Market Place and other Washington retailers)
Grower: Fairwinds Manufacturing (Vancouver, Washington)
Onset time: For me, it takes about an hour and a half to set in after rubbing the gel on an injury or sore muscle.
Fade: The pain relief and other effects can last a few days.
Strength: Strong
Tingling (where did you feel it): There’s a warm tingling sensation wherever you use the gel that kicks in after an hour or two.
Control (can you maintain focus, etc): Fine. It’s a topical. Doesn’t affect the head at all.
Gel consistency: Clear amber color. Dense – like thick pudding almost – easy to rub on. Leaves your hands slightly sticky at the end but it’s easy to wash off.
Smell: Smells like bergamot – fruity and flowery. Love the smell – not overpowering and so much nicer than the Bengay scent of most topicals.
Relieves: Sore muscles, old injuries, pain. I broke my little toe while I was testing this and decided to see how it works as a bone mender/pain reliever. It worked even better than I expected. When I used the gel, I could hardly tell that the toe was injured. When I stopped for a day and a half to see if it was just in my head, the pain grew much worse. After reapplying, I once again had almost no pain (except when I  moved the toe into a bad position). I also – and this is a bit more anecdotal – think it’s helping the toe heal faster. The bulk of the bruising went away after about 48 hours. I’m not sure that it helped with the swelling. The toe is still swollen a week later, but it feels much better with the gel.
Positives: Great pain relief, wonderful smell, studies show CBD can actually help heal broken bones more quickly. What’s not to like?
Negatives: Nothing, other than being a little sticky on the hands after application.
Other notes: A friend of mine in his mid-50s also tried this on a nagging shoulder injury. He said it also kicked in on him after about an hour and a half and he had no pain in that shoulder for three days. He’s become a convert – as have I. Another Fairwinds product (like the 10:1 CBD vape) that I plan to keep in my cannabis med kit for injuries.

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