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WIRE: launched to support California 2016 legalization

SAN JOSE, CA – Provided legislation passes that would legalize recreational marijuana in California, will offer 10,000 pounds of weed to people who supported initiatives 15-0120, 15-0119, 15-0087, 15-0085, 15-0050 or 15-0044. The program is supported by legalization activist Dave Hodges, formerly the operator of All American Cannabis Club in San Jose. Through Hodges will offer 10,000 pounds of weed using three programs: Weed4Donations, Weed4Signatures and Weed4Voters. In each program, certificates for complimentary marijuana will be offered to those that contribute to the cause. The certificates will be valid for redemption immediately following the 2016 election, if legalization passes. Certificate holders will receive an amount of free marijuana equal to the monetary donation made.

Hodges had to shut down his medical marijuana club late last year, due to bad local regulations in the city of San Jose. He is now devoting his time to the Weed4Votes project to ensure state legalization will pass in 2016 and to fix the laws in California.

“California needs your help to make legalization in the state a reality,” says Hodges. “I will offer supporters of the cause free marijuana following the passage of a legalization initiative in the state!”

In the Weed4Donations program Hodges will match every $25 donated to a participating non-profit or Political Action Committee (PAC) with 1-eighth of an ounce of marijuana, or $200 per ounce. There is no limit to how much the program will match. Once the donation is confirmed, certificates should be sent within 2 to 4 weeks. More information can be found at:

In the Weed4Voters campaign, all California residents 18 and older will be offered a free gram of weed for providing their contact information. They do not have to be a registered voter, but must provide valid contact information to the website or attend one of the Weed4Voters events throughout California.

More information is available at:

Weed4Signatures is a program for signature gatherers. For each valid signature collected, the Weed4Signatures program will offer signature gatherers a certificate for 1 gram of free marijuana. This will be in addition to anything they are paid to gather signatures by any legalization campaign. The Weed4Signatures program is only valid on legalization petitions 15-0120, 15-0119, 15-0087, 15-0085, 15-0050 and 15-0044. More information can be found at:

More information about all of the initiatives is available at:

About was launched by Silicon Valley marijuana advocate Dave Hodges in an effort to help legalize weed in the state of California.

About Dave Hodges
Dave Hodges is known for starting the first Cannabis Collective in San Jose, the San Jose Cannabis Buyers Collective (SJCBC) as well as founding the All American Cannabis Club (A2C2). He has become one of the main go-to activists for the San Jose cannabis community. He’s constantly fighting to protect Medical Cannabis and patient’s rights. Dave is the founder of, Silicon Valley Cannabis Coalition and Americans for Policy Reform. He has been a proponent for multiple marijuana initiatives, a leader for both San Jose marijuana referendums and has defended his operations and providers in multiple court cases.


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