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WIRE: San Francisco dispensary honors Super Bowl teams with two new cannabis strains

SAN FRANCISCO — BloomRoom, San Francisco’s Premier Medical Cannabis Dispensary, proudly celebrates NFL Super bowl 50 by designating two cannabis strains in honor of this year’s Super Bowl Teams: The Denver Broncos and The Carolina Panthers. The two exclusive strains have been carefully selected to represent the most compelling aspects of these two competitive teams.


Bronco Mile High – This BloomRoom strain is visually compelling with beautiful flowers and a colourful radiant patina.  The first aroma notes suggest anAspen forested mountain-side with hints of pine and citrus, conjuring up a sunset in the Colorado Rockies.  Upon ingestion, the user soon experiences a full-body warm tingle representing the confidence of knowing this strain will lead one to a mind journey of success.   By the second half of the journey, the sensation has morphed from a body tingle to a liberation of the mind providing a heightened visualization of the user’s field of reference.   With this visual acuity, the user is now able to guide his thoughts/actions to a place of insight whether on the field of life or simply in the confines of the mind.  Upon the completion of the journey, Bronco Mile High Orange Crush leaves the user is with a feeling of well-being, comfort and knowledge that the battle and grind of life ultimately leads to victory.

Carolina Cam Crush

A youthful dynamic strain that is visually a deep, intense green evidencing a vigor and an unapologetic aggressive “in your face” style.   With strong aroma notes of cinnamon and chocolate, the initial introduction is of power, confidence and a brash sense of purpose.   Soon after the first inhale, the use knows that this strain is imbued with the power to heal, inspire and permit that body to dedicate itself to punishment without harm.  A sense of abandonment for objective purpose sets in and the user is now liberated to focus on the goal accomplishment.  A swarming warm sensation, a blitz of mind comfort as the crescendo of intoxication evolves.  The end game is one of pleasure, solitude and pride as the journey has resulted in a chasm of unadulterated success, a trophy experience for the unencumbered.

BloomRoom ( is especially proud to offer these two limited edition strains during the new two weeks leading up to Super Bowl Sunday.   BloomRoom will be open Super Bowl Sunday and will be rooting for both teams to put on a game that proudly represents the beauty and diversity of the San Francisco Bay Area.   BloomRoom is a San Francisco Cannabis Dispensary located at 471 Jessie Street,  San Francisco, CA and is open for all those who have medical recommendations for the safe use of Cannabis.  Contact us at 415-543-7666 or email Stephen at

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