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WIRE: Green Rush Consulting offers marijuana application services in Oregon

OAKLAND, Calif. — Oregon this week opened an online application system for marijuana licenses, a significant milestone in the state’s plans for regulating its recreational marijuana market.

For businesses that intend to sell, grow, produce, process, or lab test marijuana in Oregon, the Oregon Liquor Commission (OLCC) requires detailed information in the license application, from the size and scale of an operation to the security standards that will be implemented.

“It’s exciting for our industry that Oregon and other states are starting to establish a legal foundation for cannabis businesses to operate,” said Zeta Ceti, CEO of Green Rush Consulting. “We now look forward to helping marijuana businesses in Oregon set high standards that comply with all of the local and state regulations.”

Green Rush Consulting (GRC) is a Bay Area cannabis consulting firm that has helped businesses across the U.S. win licenses for dispensaries, cultivation and processing operations. The company’s team of experts works with clients to develop professional business plans, operating procedures, security strategies, and best practices for all types of cannabis businesses.

Oregon will make four types of recreational marijuana licenses available: Producer, Processor, Wholesaler, and Retail. There are also licenses for labs, which are certified by the Oregon Health Authority. In order to apply for any of these licenses, the state requires supporting documentation relating to the business structure, organization and funding.

The OLCC is responsible for regulating the sale of recreational marijuana in Oregon and began accepting license applications on January 4. The state is expected to start licensing producers and labs in the Spring of 2016, followed by retailers in the Fall. By staggering the licenses the commission wants to ensure that there are sufficient labs to test marijuana for potency and pesticides, and to create a steady supply for the retail market.

GRC supports clients by creating some of the key application elements, including a Marijuana Business Operating Plan (MJ 15-1001), a Marijuana Business Structure (MJ 15-1301), or a Marijuana Cultivation Plan (MJ 15-2001). GRC also provides expert consultation in other areas required in the Oregon application, including security procedures, product delivery and transportation, diversion prevention, site plans, and funding sources.

For more information, contact Dani Baldacci: Email / 510-479-7327

About Green Rush Consulting

At Green Rush Consulting, LLC, we help build cannabis businesses that thrive. From business planning and regulatory compliance to best practices in cultivation and dispensaries, our experts will provide the support you need to succeed. The GRC team collectively represents decades of success in the cannabis industry, with hands-on experience in dispensaries, cultivation, regulatory analysis and application development. We have secured licenses and supported businesses in states with a wide array of regulatory and business environments, including Arizona, California, Connecticut, Illinois, Nevada, New Jersey, Oregon, and Washington.

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